Blog Design Development Services

Blog Design Development Services

What is blog?

In Layman’s language blog is a series of articles which are updated on regular basis. Blog can be categorized into personal, educational ,health, technical, financial categories. In each articles, author writes his views on particular topic and asks for comments.

Blog Features

Core Features

A typical blog have following features

  • User management: – User registration, login and logout
  • Post management : – Create, edit/update and delete posts
  • Publish, draft and archive posts
  • Comment management : – Approve,  unapprove, spam and delete comments

Visitors on blog can

  • View posts
  • Comment on post
  • Share posts on social media
  • Subscribe to blog

Additional Requirements for this system include:

  • Design of Homepage that displays latest post in reverse order
  • Post pagination: If there are many posts the we can show only few  post on homepage and rest post will be displayed on next page.
  • Recent posts as per viewership.
  • Recent Posts as per popularity
  • Blog  should be able to list posts with a specified tag.
  • Blog  should have cloud of tags indicating their use frequencies.
  • Blog should show a list of most recent comments.
  • The system should use SEO-friendly URLs. 

Visitor  Engagement Features

  1. A proper navigation to all pages.
  2. Facility to comment on posts.
  3. Post comments by social login.
  4. An email subscription facility to let users subscribe to your blog in order to receive the latest posts by email directly in their inbox.
  5. Social Sharing buttons are must to be added to your blog posts which will  help you get viral.
  6. The blog posts must be symmetrical in the layout.
  7. All posts must have a good thumbnail.
  8. Blog must have the linked social media pages.
  9. Blog must be categorized.

Blog Design Development Services

Our Blog Design Development Services provides you beautiful, world class blogs. We Design and develop professional blogs as per your requirement.

Blog Design Charges

Our Blog design charges starts from ₹. 20,000/- or 300 USD.