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Elearning Solution Provider Pune(LMS) – E-Learning Management Systems are systems specifically tailored to facilitate and enable education through the Internet, in other words, it is an intentionally designed and network-enabled transfer application for web-based learning. LMS’s are employed in educational institutions and corporations that offer training and workshop courses, train large and decentralized teams, evaluation metrics, and skill gap analytics. We are Elearning Solution Provider Pune  in India helps to discover the best LMS for your needs.

E-Learning is any learning that uses electronics devices like computer/PDA/Mobile and utilizes a network (WAN, LAN or Internet) for delivery, interaction, or facilitation. It can be synchronous, asynchronous, instructor-led or computer-based or a combination.

Key Features of Learning Management Systems

LMS solutions in India vary from one form to the other, although they possess and share common features and purposes. A good LMS solution should be able to carry out the following basic processes:

Create Self-Registration – If you are to reach out to a large pool of learners an automated self-registration feature is inevitable.

Create a Portal to Archive Course Materials – If you have been into LMS for a long time, then it is imperative to have a single location where the past and current course materials can be archived for the purpose of easy data retrieval, reuse of materials.

Arrange Course Materials by Categories – Courses can be arranged by subjects, authors, topics, authors, or in order of curriculum to help learners and educators sort through the materials

Create Groups or Teams – This feature makes it easy to conduct group classes, in other to enhance team workshops and group orientations

Customized Course Delivery – The ability to customize materials delivered to students based on student’s learning curve can improve competency rates and completion

Create a Course Funnel – This allows you to offer programs where learners can level up or down across curricula or courses

Create Quizzes and Tests – It allows students’ performance or competency to be assessed before, during, or after the course program

Export/Import – It should be possible to migrate course materials, registries and reports to popular document files like PDF, JPEG, TXT, CVS, and DOC in case you need to use other business systems.

Top Features

Elearning Solution Provider Pune

Create and Sell Courses

Low budget e learning for school , companies , organisations

Interactive Dashboards

Learning management system provider Pune

Audio Video Streaming

E learning for Colleges , Companies

Quiz and Assessments

Elearning Companies Pune

Groups and Forums

LMS Solution Provider Pune

Statistics and Leaderboard

All Features


  • Create and Sell Courses
  • Create and upload custom badges and certificates
  • Free Units for Course Preview
  • Supports Audio/Video and Attachments in Units
  • Course Curriculum and Course Timeline
  • Course Reviews & Ratings
  • Exclusive Course Groups & Forums
  • Front End Functions:
    • Course Manual Evaluation
    • Remove reset Courses for Students
    • Overall Course Stats
    • Students Course Stats
    • Course Result
    • Auto Messages & Notifications
    • Bulk Messaging
    • Live status in Course Timeline
    • Set Course Status, award marks for course
    • Award Certificates, Badges
    • Extend subscriptions
  • Course Widget
    • Displays Courses ordered by # students, # ratings, #reviews, date
    • Displays Courses in Single Items, Course lists and Course Carousels
  • Course Search
    • Search in Courses
    • Select Instructor, Course Category or Course levels to search in
  • Course Reviews
    • Displays Courses reviews
    • Displays course reviews in Single Items, lists and Carousels
  • Site Stats
    • Displays Site wide stats
    • Displays # Instructors, #students, #courses, #units etc..
  • Course Instructor
    • Displays Instructor of the Single Course
    • Displays other courses taken by Instructor


  • Question Bank
  • Auto Evaluation
  • Quiz Timer
  • Quiz Timeline
  • Question Types : Multiple Choice, Multiple Correct, Fill in the Blank, Sort, Match, Select dropdown, Small text & Essay Type
  • Detailed Result
  • Auto Messaging & Notifications
  • Front End Functions:
    • Quiz Automatic/Manual Evaluation
    • Reset Quiz for Student
    • Quiz Auto Submit on timer expire.
    • In Course vs. Stand alone quiz
    • One Question per frame or Multi Question per frame
    • Live status in Quiz Timeline
    • Quiz support Audio, Video, Latex
    • Quiz Stats, download student scores
    • Dynamic Question, create quiz from pool of questions
    • Share / Print result


  • Assignments similar to HomeWork, Timer (in Days), Auto submit
  • Multiple Assignment Upload
  • Essay type assignment
  • Include assignment in Course, Unit, Event
  • Detailed Result with instructor remarks
  • Auto Messaging & Notifications
  • Front End Functions:
    • Assignment Manual Evaluation
    • Reset Assignment for Student
    • Assignment Auto Submit on timer expire.
    • Remarks from Instructor
    • Message, Notification or Email


  • Detailed Statistics
    • Full Course Stats
    • Quiz Stats
    • Assignment Stats
  • Instructor Stats (Front End):
    • Full Course Stats
    • Student Wise Stats
  • Admin Stats:
    • Overview : Total Students, instructors, courses, # students courses graphs
    • Course-wise stats : Each Course with # students, Average marks, # badges, #certificates
    • Instructor-wise stats: Each Instructor with # students, Averge marks, # badges, #certificates

Bulk Import/Export

  • Export CSV
    • Import & create Course,Quiz, Questions, Assignments
    • Import & create Users
    • Connect users with courses, quizzes, assignments with marks
  • Import CSV
    • Full Course Stats
    • Student Wise Stats
  • Admin Stats:
    • Overview : Total Students, instructors, courses, # students courses graphs
    • Course-wise stats : Each Course with # students, Average marks, # badges, #certificates
    • Instructor-wise stats: Each Instructor with # students, Averge marks, # badges, #certificates
  • FaceBook, Twitter, Google plus , Login integration via saperate plugin link


  • Multiple Course in single product
    • Enable/Disable Subscriptions
    • Custom Subscription duration for each Product
    • Custom WooCommerce Widgets
      • Price Filter
      • Advanced WooCommerce Carousels
  • Private Course Groups
  • Private Course Forums

Privacy Options

    • Enable/Disable Activity Access to Students, Instructors, Admin or All
    • Enable/Disable Groups Access to Students, Instructors, Admin or All
    • Enable/Disable Group creation to Students, Instructors, Admin
    • Show/hide Single user Profile Activity
    • Show/hide Single user Profile Groups
    • Show/hide Single user Profile Forum

We have in-depth e-Learning domain expertise & provides custom e-Learning software solutions & e-learning software product development for both classroom education & workplace training.

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We provides e-Learning solutions on a wide range of technologies and media:

Delivery Media

  • Internet
  • Intranet
  • Wireless on Campus

Interaction Tools

  • Multimedia
  • Collaboration, net meeting tools
  • Audio-Video Streaming/Broadcasting
  • Webinar

Our e-Learning services include:

  • e-Learning Consulting
  • e-Learning Software Product development outsourcing
  • Courseware Design, Development and Maintenance
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS)
Our  e-Learning product outsourcing services extensively benefit companies who develop e-learning software products like Learning Management Systems (LMS), Authoring Tools, Virtual Classrooms, Distance learning software systems, Collaboration, among others. Our services help them to successfully face the constant challenge of releasing newer versions and simultaneously reducing the cost of development, testing, enhancement, and maintenance.

Why select Elearning Solution Provider Pune as an e-Learning Outsourcing partner?

We have vast experience in the execution of e-Learning outsourcing projects covering Conformance/Compliance and interoperability with Integration, Standards, Integration with Existing Application Systems, User Interface Design Support for Workflows & Scalable & Global aspect

We understand e-Learning standards.

Expertise on e-learning cross platform delivery media and interaction technologies.